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The Thin Line, Solo Show, Gallery Dix, Helsinki, Finland

The Thin Line will be a solo show comprised predominantly of my etching based work in Finland.The show is curated by John Fitzgerald of Irish Art.
The exhibition will be opened on June 1st by His Excellency, Ambassador Dermot Brangan and all are welcome to attend. With its first venture outside of Norway, Irish Art is delighted to work with Galleria Dix in presenting Galway born artist Jennifer Cunningham to the Helsinki arts scene.

Following Rollespill/Role Play, her successful Norwegian exhibition at Galleri Sonne last year, Cunningham complements a busy year at home in Ireland with The Thin Line, her second international solo exhibition.
As the exhibition consists mainly of etchings, the title could be taken as a reference to the artist’s process of using thin lines to create images on a copper plate which are then inked and printed to create a finished etching. It could also allude to the thin line between the departure of childhood into adolescence and on to young adulthood, a complex area of subject matter that seems to engross the artist.

In 2007 Aidan Dunne of the Irish times had this to say about the artist:
It was immediately apparent that she is a gifted, incisive draughtsperson. Her line is exploratory and infused with nervous energy, You could say that these are old fashioned virtues. Much of contemporary art practice has turned its back on felicitious drawing as though embaressed by the overt display of technical skill. Bad drawing on one hand is okay and non threatening. One wondered when Cunningham first showed work, whether she would be dirverted into other areas of expression, would be prompted to distance herself from her own talent. So far she hasnt.

Perhaps thats partly because she has also had an area of subject matter that seems to engross her. Again from the start, she has addressed the experiences of childhood and growing up with great sensitivity. The individuals she depict occupy the outside world but we are directed to their inward reflections. Pretty much everything she does presents this balance between inner and outer worlds. Her subjects are often caught at moments where they realise their own isolation.

Often this sense of islotation is within relationships. That is we see in her work children and and young adults developing emotionally through the network of relationships within which we all live from immediate  family bonds to intense early friendships and rivalries, to subsequent attachments and losses. There is also an awareness of roleplaying and a delight in imaginative potential The openness and rawness of Cunninghams graphic style, which always takes the risk of faltering and failing is well suited to this subject matter."