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Public Facades, Private Interiors

Public Facades, Private interiors. Welcome to Adamstown, Welcome to the ultimate in town planning, Welcome home Few addresses generate this kind of dream, The spirit of Gracious Living Public space relevance is becoming increasingly pressing as Capital encloses more and more of what once was thought as commons. Beginning roughly in the 1960s the privatisation of public space especially in urban centres has become a fact of western society.

Combining footage from the formulaic plattenbauten housing developments in Germany, Inner City Dublin and public land in Galway this piece address short-sighted planning. It seems that Irish people possess an overwhelming need to turn every piece of land into private housing developments. We are obsessed with owning property to a ridiculous degree. One can see this in the wealth of home improvement programs and poignant slogans around Dublin.

With the collapse of the property market in Ireland, will we remain so short sighted in our planning laws? Recent years have spawned a rash of gated communities. The tower blocks became slums in the sky. Concrete turned from the crisp futuristic white to a dull grey stained by pollution. Large tracts of land are now taken up with thousands of empty houses tacked onto suburbia. One has to ask “What is the spirit of Gracious living anyway?”