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Roleplay, Solo Show Norway


Irish Art was started in 2009 by John Fitzgerald in order to promote and exhibit Irish and Irish based visual artists.  He has worked with artists such as Charles Cullen (Aosdána), Rita Duffy, Eamonn O`Doherty, Brian Bourke (HRHA, Aosdána), Michael O’Sullivan and Michael Cullen (RHA, Aosdána) Jay Murphy, Rosie mcGurran and  Ger Sweeney. Past exhibitions include Europe’s Edge Ireland- The Artist and the Island, Out of the West, and  RE- JOYCE.

Irish Art is pleased to announce an exhibition called Roleplay/ Rollespille by Jennifer Cunningham, at Galleri Sonne in Drøbak, Oslo from 24.10.12 until 14.11.12.

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Metamorphosis Show

Metamorphosis – a case of bilocation is a new exhibition opening by  Galway artist Jennifer Cunningham. It features prints, drawings and video work, that she produced here in Galway and while on an artists residency in Iceland.

It takes place in two venues with two openings, the first taking place on Thursday 28 at 9pm, in Bar no 8, the docks Galway and the second taking place on Thursday 4th of June at 7pm in the Gallery Cafe in the City museum. Both exhibitions with the notion of ‘das unheimlich’ or the uncanny and  use water as a metaphor which is apt given how close both venues are to water and that they run during the Volvo Ocean Race.  The Gallery Cafe is a new venue managed by Deirdre Coyne and has a delicious menu, in a fantastic location situated behind the famous Spanish Arch and boasts spectacular views of the Claddagh, Spanish Arch, River Corrib and Galway Bay.. It is open for lunch, poetry readings, book launches and art exhibitions.

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Just Add Water Art Festival show

“Just Add water” is a solo show that is part of the Galway art festival showing in the NUI gallery in the college quadrangle.  The work is a result of her residency in the RHA where she researched deserted sea side resort areas.

For the festival she is showing a two channel sychronised swimming video piece, One side depicting a group of women performing sychronised swimming in Blackrock Galway and the other side depicting the abandoned baths of Dun laoirghaire, Clontarf and Blackrock Dublin. She is also showing a series of paintings dealing with deserted seaside resort areas, that have suffered from or succumbed to neglect in recent years.

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Galway art festival

Galway art festival show

Exciting, Irish artist Jennifer Cunningham discusses her diverse and unique body of work which pays homage to nostalgic places in Dublin, Galway and Coney Island. Her exhibition runs throughout the Festival at the NUIG Art Gallery.

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“I don’t really know about ghosts” she was saying “but I do know we can leave our bodies when we are alive” “What really now? And is it so maidy?” he said.. “A very easy way to feel em go” continued Tess “is to lie on the grass at night and look straight up at some big star and by fixing your mind upon it, you will soon find that you are hundreds of miles away from your body which you don’t seem to want at all”

Thomas Hardy, Tess D’ Urbervilles 1891

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The factory was shot on Inishlacken, a depopulated island and Atlantic Alginates, an abandoned seaweed processing plant. It explores liminal space, setting up an uncanny composition that alternates between feeling familiar and unfamiliar, past and present day.
The piece itself is a 2 channel video piece depicting a girl harvesting seaweed and the abandoned machines for processing seaweed to obtain iodine and gelatin. It is as much about a psychological landscape as about a decaying industry, perhaps drawing parallels to Ireland’s current economic situation.

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Public Facades, Private Interiors

Public Facades, Private interiors. Welcome to Adamstown, Welcome to the ultimate in town planning, Welcome home Few addresses generate this kind of dream, The spirit of Gracious Living Public space relevance is becoming increasingly pressing as Capital encloses more and more of what once was thought as commons. Beginning roughly in the 1960s the privatisation of public space especially in urban centres has become a fact of western society.

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I want to get off now image

I want to get off now

This video talks a bit about the work Jennifer Cunningham and Simon Fleming are making for their upcoming show in Dublin. Due to production costs, we have also set up a fund it page to raise funds for our upcoming exhibition in Dublin. Please check it out. Donators will be rewarded.

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