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Red Hands by Jennifer Cunningham

Artist in the School Scheme, Bringing the ocean to Kilglass National school

Earlier this year I was part of the Artist in the School School to Kilglass national School.

Each week I explored a wide range of different media, developed their craft skills and researched a wide range of different artists. They also learnt about gastronomy, important ocean food and E.P.H.E ( healthy eating). They explored geography and topography as they used maps and tide tables in their work. I found working with the teachers and students in the school extremely enjoyable and it is something I hope to do again. Contact me if you’re interested in working on a project together.

We had a mini-exhibition at the end of the project and we created an installation piece together. The parents attended and refreshments were served.
Special thanks to Galway County Council who funded the project.

Principal Comment:

On behalf of the students, teachers and parents of Kilglass NS I would like to thank Jennifer for the incredible work she has done throughout this project. Jennifer brought a fantastic creativity, imagination and enthusiasm to the project which the students richly enjoyed and gained a wonderful experience of Visual Arts through the wonderful and creative atmosphere that Jennifer created through her well planned and excellently thought out lessons.


The project has been a hugely positive experience for our school and we would hope to continue the project in years to come. We wish Jennifer continued success with her career and would recommend Jennifer to any project in her field as she is a highly skilled, competent and inspirational person who has enriched the lives of many children in Kilglass and given many students the confidence and imagination to engage with Visual Arts and realise some of the hidden talents they possess.

Student Comments:

I thought it was good as it thought children to be creative

I thought art was good fun as we learned a lot about it. Everything turned out to look great!

I loved the different art techniques we learned over the past six weeks

I really enjoyed the art because it was fun getting to use all the different things