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oil paint of 3 women going down a stairs into the sea at blackrock in salthill galway

Aquacade, Solo show Cork Film Centre, April 12th

For the Cork Film centre, she is showing a two-channel synchronised swimming video piece and a series of new drawings and paintings of run-down seaside resort areas and the Bathers who repopulate them. The show is curated by Chris Hurley.

The bathing shelters and baths with their unique art deco architecture are falling into disrepair. Modernist structures, which have been placed into Victorian settings in Bray, for example, have now become dated. Brash gaudy amusement arcades flicker and wink, pumping demented electronic rhythms into the night. Among the dandelions and chip wrappers, shoddiness is revealed. There is rust under the paintwork; cracks in the plaster and the seats are worn.

For many people these are nostalgic places, they spark off a range of associations and images, of feelings and senses. Jennifer is interested in that nostalgia and in documenting and highlighting these strange other worlds.

Cork Film Gallery